Sample Saturday: In The Eye of The Beholder

This week’s sample comes from my debut novel, In The Eye of The Beholder.  Please visit the “My Books” page for purchase information.  Thank you, and enjoy!

ITEOTB Wrap Cover frt“Claire, I have known only one woman’s kiss, and that one was quite … reluctant. If what I ask of you now is refused, I will understand. Please, Claire. I want you to feel a man’s kiss again.”

With that, he lowered his mouth to mine. His lips were warm and gentle, but I could not imagine why I was surprised. Had I expected such beautiful lips to feel hard and cruel? I could not say. I slipped one gloved hand behind his neck, caressing the occiput of his skull, and returned the kiss with an ardor that surprised me. At last I broke away.

“How long, Claire? How long has it been since he died?” His voice was raspy with desire.

“A little over a year,” I replied.

“Then perhaps,” Erik whispered, his breath warm against my ear, “It is time to shed your veil of mourning and kiss me again.”


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