Brilliant residency opportunity for writers with a head for heights

Doesn’t this look like it would be neat? There are only a few days left to apply, but if one is available it couldn’t hurt to try.


Maison de L'Ecriture, Montricher. Photo © Claudine Garcia
Maison de L’Ecriture, Montricher. Photo © Claudine Garcia

This is a writing opportunity that is the epitome of cool…

A Swiss Foundation is offering writers the chance to live and work in a newly built centre at the foot of the Jura Mountains and get paid while you are there. Oh and ny the way, you will be living in a hanging treehouse in a group of eight. Six overlook Lake Geneva and the Alps and a seventh faces the Jura mountains. An eighth treehouse will be a communal space where residents can cook in the kitchen or relax in the living room.

The Jan Michalski Foundation is inviting writers from around the world to apply and you don’t have to be famous with a string of publications to your name: applications from new or emerging writers are welcome.

You can stay for two weeks or up to six months…

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